MT4 Ninja is a trading Simulator that works in the Strategy Tester module of the Metatrader 4 trading platform. You could say it is a plugin that extends Metatrader 4 to allow for testing and developing your strategies whenever you want without having to risk any of your hard earned capital.


The inspiration for MT4 Ninja was the huge percentage (over 70%) of retail traders who try their luck at trading currencies (forex), stocks and commodities and end up losing their money. Surely something is not right there?

There is an entire industry built upon the promise of easy profits and luxurious lifestyles. You are only asked to sign up, invest and watch the monies roll in. Sounds familiar, right?

Sadly, most companies promoting trading and forex in general are not interested in how much money you can make, they are interested in earning commissions by referring you to brokers and other service providers.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying it is not possible to achieve independence and become successful retail trader, but it takes time, practice, learning and developing trading strategies.

Instead of relying on strategies, signals, methods and who knows whatever else is out there we wanted to give you, the aspiring trader a tool to be able to develop, test and refine your trading strategies. You can do this at your own pace and without the risk of losing anything in the process.

This approach proved to be very popular with hundreds of traders already using MT4 Ninja to get better at what they do!

Thank you all!


Now this was the hard bit! MetaTrader 4 is great for automating strategies and visualising indicators but awful when it comes to creating a nice and easy to manage user interface. Unfortunately we cannot share details of the technical implementation, but rest assured under the hood there are some cutting edge and modern technologies in action to serve you, the trader!

We think we did a good job, let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements!

The result

Well, check out the video on the home page to see what it is! It is exactly what we wanted to achieve and feed back has been very positive. A simple, yet very elaborate interface that allows for all trade operations you will ever need (open, close, pending orders, modify, partially and fully close orders)! In addition we have also included an economic calendar to support your decision making.

All in all, we feel very please about the fact that we now have a tool that allows you to develop, test and refine trading strategies for forex, stocks and commodities without putting any of your capital at risk. We hope that many other products will follow suit in our approach and that the tone of the market will change from being over-hyped to be educational and supportive to traders. Call this our mission statement if you like!

Happy trading to you all!